Natasha Greendyk
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A Marketing Manager eager to utilize 3-4 years of media, insights and agency marketing experience and 9+ years of professional experience to help teams build successful go-to-market campaigns, design client-facing collateral, and optimize their strategies. Boasting a specialty in sales positioning and enablement, creative storytelling, event activation, project management, and social media acumen.

  1. Sales Collateral

  2. GTM Strategy

  3. Sales Pitches

  4. Social Media

  5. Event Activation

  6. DE&I + Community

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The Art of the Pitch

My expertise in sales and client service allows me to create compelling pitches that assist teams in meeting their clients’ requests while providing top-notch support. I specialize in helping teams maximize the impact of every pitch, RFI, and other forms of communication.

Take a look at few sample slides of pitch decks, case studies, and email campaigns.

Pitch Deck for Planned Parenthood (Sample Slides)

“Media Day” Presentation for Chick-Fil-A (Sample Slides)

Whataburger (Case Study Sample Slides)

Quay Australia (Case Study Sample Slides)

EMX by Big Village & Newsguard Partnership Announcement (Email Campaign)